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Mobile COVID risk inspection Application

We meet the needs of QHSE departments and COVID officers

Detect Covid-related hazardous situations in your company, identify areas where you can improve your response to COVID, correct COVID-related failings.

Maintain a high level of vigilance with respect to the safety of your employees exposed to COVID in their various working situations (worksites, offices, open plan offices, etc.).

Introduce COVID-related corrective measures in order to be proactive, avoid shutdowns, better anticipate stock shortages (masks, etc.) and better plan COVID-related actions (washing points, regular cleaning, etc.).

Manage COVID officers’ activities including COVID briefings, COVID-related training and inspection of workplaces.

Benefit from precise performance indicators giving real-time information about non-conformities, major risks, shutdowns or hold-ups, organisational failings and potential stock shortages.

Configure your CovidAproov360 App on the basis of our 50+ check points.

CovidAproov360 offers many interchangeable and 100% customisable check points.

The CovidAproov360 App can then be enhanced with all kinds of actions enabling you to create your own bespoke COVID App, including COVID briefings, COVID-related online training and making safe job handovers.

  • NRespect for protective measures
  • NIdentification of failings (organisational, by service-providers, etc.)
  • NKnowledge check
  • NConformity, information display, etc.
  • NCOVID-related hazardous situations
  • NChecking stocks of COVID-related supplies

Inspection procedures adapted to each of your working situations


Vérification des espaces de travail, points sanitaires, tableaux d’affichage, armoires de produits nettoyants, passage de l’entreprise de nettoyage…

Worksites, warehouses, equipment buildings

Checking work areas, hand-washing points, notice boards, cupboards containing cleaning products, cleaning company schedules, etc.

Areas receiving the public

Zones d’accueil, systèmes de balisage et d’affichage, points de lavage et sanitaires, qualité du nettoyage, activités des prestataires de nettoyage…

Meeting regulatory obligations

Better management of COVID-related costs

Involving all staff and introducing a culture of risk-prevention

When conducting audits, inspections or simple visits, your COVID officers can transmit all types of non-conformity in a few clicks (photos, alerts, action plans).

Every employee with a smartphone or Web access is potentially able to contribute to the COVID prevention effort by sending information in real time about hazardous situations that they observe.

Include your own “paper” checklists and guidelines

CovidAproov360 handles the various different ways in which your employees work: inclusion of your audit guidelines in an identical format to the original, addition of your 10- or 20-question checklists, entry of observations on the fly by clicking on a tree view of control points.

Simpler, faster communication

Monitoring photos (BEFORE/AFTER status), remarks and alerts are transmitted in real time to the COVID officer, QHSE manager, purchasing manager and/or to a service-provider.

Faster reporting, management data, data export

At the end of the inspection, CovidAproov360 enables you to produce very well-documented, high-quality reports.

“We use the App as part of our QHSE approach. Including the COVID module. It works.”


Regular users of the product, from the Director to team leaders

Forms and reports entered and saved.

Daniel Soldini
Director for Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment – Razel Bec Groupe FAYAT

“Pierre Fourcade and his team have reorientated their software platform in record time to deal with COVID 19 BCP issues. Bravo!”

Regis Faure

Director of Communication – Orano

“The Safenergy mobile solution’s modularity allows us to cover a very broad spectrum of situations and enables us to anticipate a very wide range of complementary developments”

Daniel Soldini

“We chose the Safenergy application to optimise our quality system. Its adaptability and flexibility of use enable us to constantly develop our system, giving us greater product quality while ensuring total traceability.”

Charline Marie
Quality manager, APIFOOD

“This approach allows us to reduce data entry time and speed up the acquisition and consolidation of data, thus making us more efficient.”

Pierre Bergon

Digital transformation.
We answer your questions.

How do I customise my App?

Using your Web interface on a PC, you can access the Design Studio to modify – very simply – each form, to enable/disable functions (e.g. sharing of signatures, alerts, observations, etc.) and to modify the structure of the App and its design (icons).

Can I attach my data to my various projects, worksites and buildings?

Yes, our system enables you to create your own project structure on four levels.

Who should use a CovidAproov360 app in my company?

Everyone who is responsible for dealing with COVID-related risks or who carries out briefings/training. In some organisations, this is the designated COVID-19 officer.

Supervisors, team leaders and QHSE managers whose job it is carry out COVID-19 inspections or audits and potentially anyone who is responsible for reporting COVID-related malfunctions or situations involving risk.

What is a safety and risk-prevention culture?

Prevention is better than cure. A safety culture means above all preventing risks to anyone at any time. It is the concrete, daily application in your company of measures aimed at preventing risks relating to Health, Hygiene, Safety, Environment, Security and Quality as decreed by the public authorities, professional organisations and your own company.

A safety culture results from a learning process based on common sense and a proactive approach that inculcates vigilance with respect to oneself and others.

Is there a Web interface available on PC? How do I access it?

YES, and it provides each user to with access to their attributed rights depending on the chosen subscription: team management, contacts, history, completed forms, statistics, action plans, reporting functions and other supervisory rights. As soon as you subscribe, you will receive an email containing all the information necessary to allow you to download the App, obtain access to the Web interface and to configure the App for other users in your team.

Can I customise and configure the App unaided?

Yes, you can do a great deal of customisation unaided directly online. If you have any technical problems, our team is there to support and advise you.

Where are my data stored? Are they secure?

We use the FREE – ILIAD data centre at Vitry sur Seine near Paris. It is one of the most secure data storage centres in Europe.

Do you have specific technical requirements? Contact us.

Do I need to equip all my employees with the App?

No. Generally speaking, users of CovidAproov360 are team leaders, supervisors, departmental managers and technicians. It is not necessary to equip each member of your organisation.

Anyone can be added as a “contact” (not invoiced by SAFENERGY) with the objective of traceability (e.g. participation at safety meetings or validation of documents).

App users do not all use it to the same extent, nor do they necessarily use the same modules.

CovidAproov360 tariffs can be adapted to greater numbers of users and to different profiles. Please contact us for details.


How do I structure an App aiming to develop a culture of safety and risk prevention?

  • By the regularity of briefings and training sessions and by explaining all health risk prevention measures, one by one.
  • By regular checking and evaluation of skills
  • By analysing risks before acting and before starting each task
  • By involving management and introducing workplace visits and audits

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

An App developed in the field, with our clients

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