Emulate us and deploy your own range of Business Apps!

NO CODE platform for accelerated production of bespoke Apps

  • Robust platform enabling the configuration and deployment of high-performance, multi-theme Apps
  • No technical skill required – Simple, intuitive configuration – Design Studio

Inspection of your photovoltaic farms

  • Detection of breakdown in modules, substations, inverters, cables, etc.
  • Inspection of photovoltaic networks, electrical equipment, meteorological systems and technical buildings
  • Inspection of security and safety equipment

Inspection and security of your sites

  • Security of industrial sites, warehouses and buildings
  • Diagnosis and identification of vulnerable points (intrusion, access control, malicious behaviour, damage, surveillance, etc.)
  • Organisational, technical and human means of providing security.

Health-Safety-Environment risk prevention

  • 80 points to be monitored related to all risk categories and normal safety equipment (PPE, CPE, etc.)
  • Feedback on hazardous situations in five clicks
  • Accelerated management of action plans
  • High-quality inspection reports.

ISO 45001 Standard and backfitting

  • A complete App providing point-by-point correspondence with the ISO 45001 guidelines
  • Complete personalisation (1/4h safety briefings and training sessions, risk analysis, visits by management, etc.)
  • Extremely precise traceability and performance indicators.

Inspection of your windfarms

  • 80 points to be monitored (yaw, blade, brake, pitch, gearbox…).
  • Accelerated management of observations and non-conformities
  • Production of precise, high-quality inspection reports